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Homeless Assistance (McKinney-Vento)

School bus pulling up to Skokie Morton school

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act: 

Supports for Families in Temporary Living Situation

Have you and your children lost housing?

Families that:

  • Live in a shelter or motel
  • Share housing with others because of lost housing or economic hardship
  • Live in a campground, car, old building, or another temporary shelter

  • Don’t have a permanent address

Have the right to:

  • Enroll in school immediately even without school or medical records

  • Assistance from the district liaison with immunizations and/or medical records

  • Choose your child’s old school or school closest to where you are living now

  • Transportation to and from school

  • Participate in your child’s education


McKinney-Vento Educational Rights - English

McKinney-Vento Educational Rights - Spanish

McKinney-Vento Educational Rights - Arabic

Mc-Kinney-Vento Educational Rights - Urdu

District 69 McKinney-Vento Liaison
Kristine Joaquin Schubert, 847-675-7666 x1012


Dispute Resolution Procedures

School districts must have a process for resolving disputes between the district and any homeless child, youth, parent, or guardian. Disputes may arise over things such as enrollment or transportation. The dispute resolution procedures include the following:

  • The child or youth shall be immediately enrolled pending the resolution of the dispute.
  • The district will provide a written explanation of the district’s position as to the dispute, provide referrals to free/reduced-cost legal help, and outline the dispute resolution procedures.
  • The district McKinney-Vento liaison will be assigned to follow the dispute resolution process in an expeditious manner.
  • The district will refer the parent/guardian to a fair and impartial ombudsperson.
  • The District shall follow all Homeless Dispute Resolution Procedures and provide parents with a copy of the dispute resolution procedures