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Community Schools

Community Schools:  Welcoming Schools, Engaged Community, Thriving Children


Community Schools aim to develop an atmosphere of belonging and shared responsibility for our children’s learning and well-being.  By joining the resources of the school with community partnerships, we provide opportunities and supports to meet the needs of our students and families.  Through a focus on community building, we strive to provide equitable access for all families to feel valued and to succeed.


Since 2013 the national Community Schools strategy has transformed District 69 schools into neighborhood hubs where students from birth to eighth grade and their families can easily access an array of programs and resources right at school.

Through partnerships with over 60 different organizations, District 69 provides on-site resources around four main areas defined by family input:

A significant body of research has proven that Community Schools offer children a better education, resulting in long term, positive outcomes for both students and their families.  By walking with each family throughout their child's educational journey, District 69 provides each child a holistic, high-quality education while building welcoming schools and advancing an engaged community.

Get Involved

We are always looking for individuals to share their time, talents, and treasures.

For more information about these opportunities or for ways to get involved, please email 

5050 Madison Street, Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 675-7666