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Attendance and Health

Students from Madison Elementary in class laughing and smiling

Student Attendance

Attendance Information:
Please call to the school office or attendance line early in the morning when you know your son or daughter will be absent from school. If your child will be absent for an extended time, please send a note to school stating the reason for the absence and the days he or she will be out of school.

Attendance Lines:
Please call the phone number below to report your child absent from school. 

  • Madison Attendance Line: 224-470-6291
  • Edison Attendance Line: 224-470-6292
  • Lincoln Attendance Line: 224-470-6293

Guidelines for Keeping your Child Home from School:
Please keep your child home if he/she has a fever or abdominal pain with vomiting or diarrhea. Your child may return to school after being symptom free for one full school day. If you have any questions about sending your child to school, please feel free to call the nurse’s office.

Medications at School:
A doctor’s order is necessary to administer any medications at school including all over-the-counter medications. The medication needs to be brought to school in the original label container along with the Medications Form(PDF).

Health Requirements

The School Code of Illinois, Section 27-8 (Public law 95-422), has been revised and now states that every child shall have a physical examination upon entrance to kindergarten and at the beginning of 6th and 9th grades. Failure to comply with this state law is cause for exclusion of you child from school. To meet this requirement, the exam form must be signed by a doctor and completed after February 1st, of the current school year. Children whose completed physical exam forms have not been filed with the school office may be excluded from school until this requirement is met.

A dental exam is required for all kindergarten, second, and sixth grade students. The dental examination form is to be completed and on file by May 15 of the school year. A dental waiver is available and can be completed if applicable.

An eye examination is required for any child enrolling in kindergarten or for new students to an Illinois school. Each student shall present proof of being examined by a licensed physician before October 15th of the school year.

All required forms are located on the Student Registration page.

Health records transferred from another school will be accepted providing the physical and dental records are complete.

Because physicians and dentists are rushed to complete exams in the summer, we suggest you make an early appointment. Please don’t delay in completing the required exams. The forms can be mailed or brought to the school offices as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

If you have any questions regarding District 69 health requirements, please call Mrs. Joaquin Schubert at 847-675-7666.