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A group of girls together, laughing and smiling

Inclusivity in District 69

District 69 defines equity as ensuring that individuals are provided the support, opportunity, and resources they need. Equity is infused in the guiding principles of the district and is a driving force behind eliminating opportunity gaps. Through the Strategic Plan, the District commits to equitable practices and will work toward creating an equitable school community. District 69 believes that an equitable school community is one that is rooted in the growth of our students, the development of their self-worth, and their connectedness to one another.

To support both individual and collective journeys toward educational equity, District 69 has engaged in partnerships and learning experiences with outside organizations and has an established leadership team that was created in the Fall of 2019 to provide input to the district’s equity-oriented pursuits. District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) members engage in shared learning around the topics of educational equity and social justice and provide input on recommendations for programming, partnerships, and structures that contribute to the creation and maintenance of an environment of belonging for our students, families, and staff.  The work of the DELT aligns directly with the goals outlined within the 2020-25 Strategic Plan.