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Business Office

Skokie Mortain District 69 logo on the wall of the District Office building

Finance and Operations

The goal of the Business Office is to provide the resources needed to support the advancement of student achievement and success with fiscal responsibility. Our department serves the District 69 community through the management of the district’s finances and operations including accounting, long term financial planning, purchasing, payroll, human resources, risk management, facilities, pupil transportation and food services.

Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69 is dedicated to establishing, maintaining and improving educational programs within the funds provided by taxes and other sources. The District is committed to continuous improvement of all components of the educational organization and to long term financial health through comprehensive multi-year planning. This multifaceted approach includes increasing revenues and controlling expenditures.

More information on “Understanding School Finance” can be found in this publication by the Illinois Association of School Boards.


Dr. Sonali Patil
Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations

Mira Rodgers
Business Services Manager

Sue Batch
Coordinator of Human Resources

John Tinetti
Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds

Farah Ahmad
Payroll and Human Resources Specialist

Sausan Hamed
Administrative Assistant

Kristin Loutsos
Business Services/Accounts Payable Specialist

Leticia Ramirez
Grant Program Manager