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Early Childhood Education

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Babies are born ready to learn, and a child’s first experiences affect how the brain develops.  School District 69 understands the critical nature of early childhood and sees its responsibility to walk with families from the start.  Through a variety of early education opportunities, families are offered comprehensive support and resources so children enter kindergarten ready to learn on a lifelong path for success.

ECE Programs include: 

  • Pre-K Grow A Reader Program
    In partnership with the Skokie Public Library, the Grow A Reader program supports preschool families to share 1,000 books before kindergarten.  Each week children bring home books providing families a fun way to enjoy reading together and foster literacy growth.  
  • Pre-K Parent Group
    This parent group is developed “by parents, for parents” giving caregivers opportunities to find partners in parenting and to share experiences around a monthly theme.  District and Skokie Public Library staff provide resources, books, and hands-on activities that caregivers can do at home with their young children.
  • Ready For Success
    In partnership with the Infant Welfare Society of Evanston, Ready For Success is an innovative national model for early childhood education, offering families comprehensive resources and support.  Family Support Specialists conduct weekly home visits and offer monthly parent/caregiver groups for pregnant women and children, ages 0-3. Through the Family Support Program, caregivers receive support and guidance in parenting education, child growth, and development. They also have the opportunity to build skills through positive parenting interactions emphasized in the Baby Talk curriculum.  At age 3, the children transition to District 69’s play-based, kindergarten-readiness program. Ready For Success students and their families receive:
    • Medical, dental, mental health, vision, nutrition, and social services
    • Early intervention and special education services
    • Education, networking, and leadership groups
    • Family nights
    • Ongoing assistance through referrals and connections to other agencies

Learn more about Ready For Success

For more information about these programs, please contact:

Sarah Kalinowski, D69 Pre-K Coordinator,, 847-675-7666 x1124

To register, please email